Our Services

We are Contare Associati.
We provide all services relating to the Economic Sector, Tax and Legal assistance, both at national and international level.

Our Studio carries out its business taking advantage of an articulated, young and dynamic operational structure, with the help of professionals, notaries, lawyers, labour consultants and university professors.

The spirit and strength of our initiatives are as follows:

  • Trust and personal relationship with the customer.
  • Constant detailed developments of the economic, managerial, corporate and financial current affairs.
  • Complete integration with other studios, a service of global consulting to national and international enterprises.

Specialist Areas

  • Specialist advice on balance sheets and tax returns.
  • Internal accounting services and on-line assistance for external accounting.
  • Business reorganisation.
  • Consultancy in accommodation and capital inheritence.
  • Tax disputes
  • Consultancy in foundations and non-profit organisations.
  • Consultancy in consortia and cooperatives.
  • Setting up of budget and reporting systems for both private business and corporate planning.
  • Reports, valutations and views on property and income.
  • Advisor services on insolvency proceedings.
  • Statutory audit
  • Audit and due diligence
  • Advice on civil and tax regulations and public sector administrations.
  • Assistance in drafting agreements and partnership agreements (Joint Venture) at national level.
  • Guidance in corporate crisis, even for minor procedures
  • Assistance in sale foreclosure proceedings
  • Trust
  • M&A private equity transactions

Contare Associati operates in Milan and Novara.

Novara Office

Novara, Corso Torino 1/b – 28100 – Italy
Phone +39 0321 613298

Sede di Milano Office

Milano, Via Melzi D’Eril, 7 – 20154- Italy
Phone +39 02 36592997