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We provide all services related to the economic, fiscal and legal sectors, at a national and international level.
Contare Associati operates in the economic field through business assistance and tax, administrative, corporate and asset consultancy to businesses, provides tax and accounting assistance to professionals, as well as tax assistance to non-economic and private entities.

The services offered are of high professional quality thanks to the preparation and skills of the professionals and their teams.
Constant updating and daily discussion are at the heart of the professionalism guaranteed to partners and their collaborators.

The professionals and collaborators are constantly updated on the subjects covered to always guarantee the best and most prepared assistance.

Contare Associati boasts over twenty years of experience in the sector.


Sabina Mittino

Manuela Settingiano

Gabriella Marinucci

Silvia Grisotti

Emanuela Marineo

Stefania Ferraioli

Arianna Meda

Roberta Guarco

Antonella Villardita

Monica Saliola

Alberto Mascioni

Alberto Caruso

Gianni Montone

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